Tarter 200 Series One-Row Field Cultivator

Tarter 200 Series One-Row Field Cultivator


Quick Overview:

The 200 SERIES ONE ROW FIELD CULTIVATOR excels at prepping garden soil as well as planting and fighting weeds. This is the implement needed to plant small row crops like potatoes, corn and tomatoes. Our Cultivator has six C-shaped tines with reversible and replaceable curved metal tips. The tines are attached to the implement frame with bolts and can be adjusted horizontally. The tines are in staggered rows which break up the dirt and distribute moisture for planting. The Cultivator also easily tills the soil on each side of a garden row to remove unwanted grass and weeds.

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200 Series One-Row Cultivator

Item #: FC201BL
Horsepower: 19-45
Hitch: Cat 1/ quick hitch compatible
Weight: 139 lbs.
Height: 36"
Length: 37"
Width: 50.5"