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In a nutshell: whoever lives on a farm (or wants to live on a farm one day!) is our type of a guy. The same goes for anyone who simply wants to go back to the roots or never left them. Anyone with a cabin, log home, cottage, garden or simply... a passion! Whether you are longing for a swing with a felling axe, a sip of hot tea from a camping kettle, or a few minutes near a wood fired cook stove we know how you feel.

Our main line is tractor attachments by COSMO, a major Italian manufacturer in the tractor industry. We bring containers directly to Toronto and keep 3-Point rotary tillers, fertilizer spreaders, and PTO cement mixers in stock for quick availability all across Canada, in most cases with free shipping!

Throughout our years in related industries we have come across many products irresistible to anyone who loves nature, country, and fresh air: tools & gadgets from around the world which farmers and outdoorsmen use and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and please browse our selection: we are sure we've got something for you!

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